Headed outside? Use this handy-dandy checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a safe and fun outdoor adventure.

By Jaque Toledo

What to Pack – NO COTTON!

    1. Sleeping bag
    2. Sleeping pad
    3. Tent
    4. Base layers
      1. Dependant on weather
    5. Meal plan
      1. Measure out food amounts beforehand to avoid bulk
      2. Depends on where you’re going and how long your trip will be
      3. Fresh items use first (onion, garlic, etc.)
      4. Avoid easily bruised or highly perishable items  
    6. First aid kit – Blister kit
    7. Stove
      1. MSR dragon fly
      2. MSR xgk
    8. Sun hat/ Warm hat
    9. Sunscreen
    10. Bug spray
    11. Water filter
    12. Two 1L water bottles
    13. Repair kit – zip ties, duck tape, light, parachute cord, tent repair kit, sleeping pad repair kit

How to Pack

    1. Light items in the bottom of your pack
      1. Sleeping bag
    2. Heavier items in the middle of your pack
      1. Food, Med kit, Stove
    3. Medium Items above that
    4. Light/easy to access in the brain of your pack
      1. Sunglasses, hat, gloves, snack, GPS

Top Brands

    1. ExOfficio! – Underwear
    2. Deuter
    3. Osprey
    4. Nalgene  
    5. Outdoor Research
    6. North Face
    7. Patagonia
    8. MSR
    9. Gregory

Be Prepared 

    1. Tell someone what trail you are doing, where you are going, time of departure and return
    2. Study the trail map before you get out there
    3. GPS tracker
    4. Check out the article, “Preparedness for the Backcountry” for more in-depth safety tips and considerations

Leave No Trace

    1. Pack it in and pack it out
    2. Bring ziplock bags, doggy poop bags, or wag bags
    3. Keep in mind that any trace amounts of food can attract animals, so clean up as much as you can
    4. DO NOT leave toilet paper in a cat hole. In fact, avoid cat holes as much as possible